welcome to wags k9 teeth cleaning

Wags K-9 Teeth Cleaning is a unique company offering NON-ANAESTHETIC canine teeth cleaning. We have 17 years of experience specializing in canine oral hygiene. Wags follows strict guidelines set for the industry and our goal is to provide every dog in our care with a proper and thorough cleaning.

Our certified canine oral hygiene specialists complete extensive training to efficiently assess your dog's oral health. We are able to identify healthy mouths that can be cleaned without anaesthetic, but are also able to advise when a dog is in need of a veterinary cleaning under anaesthetic.

Wags is operated by Kelly Moran who is a Certified Canine Oral Hygiene Specialist and has 17 years experience performing non-anaesthetic canine teeth cleaning and 20 years experience working with animals.

benefits of wags
  • No anaesthetic or sedation used
  • In home appointments available
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Low cost
  • Less stress on your dog
  • Gentle care for your dog

This technique is considered hygienic and should not be
considered as any type of Veterinary or medical procedure.